2019 SoCalBio Digital Health Conference

Hotel Casa del Mar
One Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405
December 13, 2019 —  7:30 am – 7:00 pm


7:30 AMRegistration and Breakfast
8:30 AM — 8:45 AMOpening Remarks
8:45 AM — 9:10 AM

Opening Presentation:

From Visualization to Machine Learning – How Different Healthcare Verticals Utilize Data Analytics,”  by Steve Rimar, President & CEO, Analytica Consulting

9:10 AM — 9:30 AM

The Investment Landscape:

“Who Is Investing in Digital Health and Analytics Development, Where, and Why?” By Milo Bissin, Director, Director, Life Science & Healthcare, Silicon Valley Bank

9:30 AM — 10:00 AM

Perspective of Local Investors and Business Development Professionals on Analytics — Panel Discussion:


  • Peter Blaisdel, PhD, Chair, SoCalBio Innovation Catalyst Program

Panel Discussion:

  • Luke Hayes, Co-Founder and Managing Director Torrent Ventures
  • Yiwen Li, Director, Strategy & Business Development & Investment, NantHealth
  • Kwame Ulmer, Venture Partner at Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health
  • John Shen, Founder, Sunstone Management
  • Richard Weil, Partner, Mount Wilson Ventures
  • Kevin Zhang, Partner at Upfront Ventures
10:00 AM — 10:15 AM Networking Break
10:15 AM — 11:25 AM

Emerging Company Presentations:

Technologies for digitizing the patient to enable new diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics


  • George Colindres, Sr. Counsel, Perkins Coie

Presenting Companies:

  • Coala Life Inc. (Smart cardiac monitor that detects Atrial Fibrillation)
  • Eyenuk (Artificial intelligence platform for diagnosing Diabetic Retinopathy)
  • NoVaResp Technologies (A respiratory monitoring device and algorithm that can help positive airway pressure (PAP) machines respond proactively through a tailored preemptive therapy resulting in a safer, more comfortable solution for patients suffering from sleep apnea)
  • BioStrap (Machine learning to deliver accurate activity and wellness tracking wearables to enable people to make impactful decisions about their health so they can perform, recover, and sleep better)
  • Theseus AI (Machine learning to create an objective, outcomes-based report to aid in back pain treatment)
  • Hexoskin (Smart garments for precise health monitoring  that are clinically validated to continuously track cardiac, respiratory, sleep, and activity data)
11:25 AM — 11:30 PMBreak
11:30 AM — 12:00 PM

Showcase of Made-in-LA A.I. Device:

“The Quest to Create an Artificial Pancreas: Medtronic’s  MiniMed 670G Insulin Pump,” by Pratik Agrawal, Director of Data Science and Informatics Innovation, Medtronic Diabetes

12:00 PM — 12:30 PMLuncheon and Industry Updates
12:30 PM — 1:30 PM

Luncheon Keynote Presentation:

“How the Internet of Things, A.I. and Machine Learning will Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry,” By Emmanuel Fombu, M.D., Digital Health Futurist and Author

1:30 PM — 1:40 PMNetworking Break
1:40 PM — 3:00 PM

Emerging Company Presentations:

New data types resulting from advances in virtual care and other consumerism trends


  • Mohammad Kondri, Trade Commissioner, Life Sciences & Medtech , Consulate General of Canada in LA
  • David Hood, President & CEO, DH3 Associates

Presenting Companies:

  • Perimetrics LLC (A new dental diagnostic system (Innerview) driven by artificial intelligence)
  • FocusMotion (Remote monitoring of patients recovering from orthopedic surgery to ensure physical therapy compliance, minimize complications, and optimize recovery time)
  • TigoHealth (Platform that brings large volumes of diverse health data together to derive personal health insights, support healthcare systems, and advances the development of life-saving drugs)
  • Doctor Evidence (Provides curated data in user-friendly relational databases to organizations across the evidence-based medicine spectrum)
  • StatTrial (eClinical trial technology solutions)
  • Deep 6 AI (AI-enabled patient matching with clinical trials)
3:00 PM — 3:10 PMNetworking Break
3:10 PM — 4:00 PM

Panel Discussion:

Healthcare Providers Adoption of Digital Innovations: Opportunities and Challenges


  • William Dolphin, PhD, CEO, CueSquared


  • Tom Priselac, President and CEO,  Cedars-Sinai Health System
  • Ayman Salem, MD, Neurosurgery, Providence; and President & CEO, iKioo
  • Prash Jayaraj, MD, Cardiologist, Adventist Health
4:00 PM — 4:10 PMNetworking Break
4:10 PM — 5:00 PM

Keynote Presentation:

 “The Digital Health Industry’s Regulatory Challenges,” by Wade Ackerman, Partner, Covington

5:00 PM — 5:15 PMConcluding Remarks
5:15 PM — 7:00 PMNetworking Reception
7:00 PMConference Adjourns