5th Conference Speakers and Session Moderators

Richard Gannotta, Masimo
Clint Fish, Ironwood Investment
Annette Morgan, City of Hope
Laiq Ahmad , Avellino Precision Medicine
Jamey Edwards, COO, Startup Health
Chris Bostick, PhD, OCV Partners
Irene Woerner , CEO, emTRUTH
Alec McCauley, CEO, Thrive Health
Jay Goss, Wavemaker 360
Philip Tagari , PhD, VP Research, Amgen
Soeren Mattke, Director, USC
Robert Hamilton, Novasignal
Ahmed Enany, CEO, SoCalBio
Robert Greenberg, Chairman, AMF
Peter Blaisdell, Member Scientific Advisory Board, Immunotherapy Company
Mark Siegfried, Director, CBIZ MHM, LLC
Jerry Baker, President, Clinical Healthcare Analytics
Milo Bissin, Director, Silicon Valley Bank
Matt Thompson, Senior Vice President, Skyview Capital
Mohammad E. Kondri, Trade Commissioner, Life Sciences & Medtech, Consulate General of Canada
William Dolphin, CEO, CueSquared
Dave Hood, President & CEO, DH3 & Associates
Ayman Salem, MD, FAANS, CEO, ikioo Technologies, Inc.